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28 Feb 2012


So it’s the end of February and I am finally getting around to setting my goals for the year. Midnight of Jan 1, 2012 gave me a feeling of such promise, and now it seems as if it’s getting away from me already. However, this whirlwind of activity I’ve found myself in is planting the seeds to make 2012 a very positive and productive year for my acting career. Already, within the first 2 weeks of the year, I rocked a Bold and Beautiful principal audition and a week later received extremely positive feedback from casting director Scott David in a workshop. Additionally, in my cold reading class with Christinna Chauncey, my scenes have been going really well, as I get better at leaving myself alone. Gotta love that. This is gained confidence that will transfer to my auditions.

On the business side of show BUSINESS, my web series: Dog News: Unfair and Unbalanced ( ; ) has increased its fan base by more than 10% in less than 2 months and I am taking an amazing social media marketing class from Dallas Travers and Thérèse Cator, which is teaching me how to use social media to build relationships. Fabulously helpful and I am very grateful for this.

So my goals for this year:
1. To book 3 roles by my birthday in July and 3 more in the second half of the year.
2. Get representation that is really passionate about and works hard for me.
3. Grow the Dog News fan base by 10% every 2 months.

I am already signed up for several workshops, remain in class, and am redoing my reel to make it kick-@$$. It will be up on the site soon. Additionally, I continue to implement the techniques learned from Dallas and Thérèse.

I wish all of you a wonderful, happy, and productive 2012. All the best!